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Peril of Importing Electronic Equipment from U.S.

PRESS RELEASE OCTOBER 24, 2008 Why Are American Companies Providing India’s Satellite Navigation System -- Gagan?

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(Satish Chandra) Why are American companies providing India's satellite navigation system -- Gagan?
This is at least as perilous as the Sankhya Vahini which was scrapped on national security grounds. This deserves a swift death -- not the project but getting it from American companies.


(Reply from ajay_ijn) GAGAN is an Augmentation system to be specific, it corrects GPS Signal and makes it more accurate. Electronic Industry is just non-existant in India, there would have been no other option for ISRO. Raytheon already has experience to implement them in US, So they are the best candidate. This is a system aimed an civil aviation, one doesn't know its strategic potential.

Raytheon is only providing ground equipment. ISRO will test Gagan signals by leasing an Inmarsat Satellite and will deploy full fledged system on a GSAT Satellite. It was to be launched by now, but probably ISRO was busy Chandrayaan.

ISRO has another, its own Navigation System Project where IRNSS, group of 7 Satellites which can provide Navigation services within South Asia. PSLV is slated to launch to those satellites from 2009.


(Satish Chandra) In importing ANY electronic equipment from the United States, the following must be kept in mind [these are two excerpts from my blog titled 'Nuclear Supremacy For India Over U.S.' : ] :-

"ADDED ON FEBRUARY 26, 2006: National security crisis due to microwaves from satellites:
I. Microwaves from satellites can be used not just for audio and video surveillance (see addendum dated February 10, 2006 to letter dated May 11, 2005, above). Three days ago, I had put my computer to sleep when I went to sleep. As I approached my work table on getting up a few hours later, the computer switched on without my doing it ; the C.I.A. had switched it on remotely by microwaves hoping I will continue something I was doing on the computer before I went to sleep and this occurred several more times. In the past, when I was doing something, such as preparing one of these letters to the press, on my computer, the screen would suddenly be replaced with, say, a Google search box without my doing anything and it appeared the C.I.A. was remotely controlling my computer over the Internet, but its switching on without being connected to the Internet or the telephone line showed the control was by microwaves. Even signals over the telephone lines usually travel, at least part of the way, over microwaves. This shows that the C.I.A. can control any digital equipment, not just computers, by microwaves from satellites. This applies to all digital equipment, such as that used in a multitude of defence applications, electric power grids, nuclear power plants, etc., even if the equipment is not connected to the outside world by telephone lines. This means that all digital equipment should be shielded so it cannot be operated by microwaves from satellites. The turning on and off of a television set, changing its channels, etc., by a remote is done similarly though TV remotes use infra-red rays instead of microwaves. In a letter to the press several years ago, I also mentioned that the C.I.A. was able to remotely monitor what was being typed on an old-fashioned electric typewriter."

"(March 23 ‘08) India’s nuclear supremacy and microwaves from satellites:
In a letter to the press a few years ago, I referred to Indians’ lack of appreciation of the importance of research and of scientists and gave an example of the Japanese in World War II thinking they had equaled the Americans in aircraft carriers, fighter planes and the rest and the Americans then came out with the atom bomb. In my addendum dated February 26, 2006, titled “National security crisis due to microwaves from satellites” below I described the threat to national security from microwaves from satellites. On the Bharat Rakshak online forum, an American who seems a C.I.A. specialist on India is asking that India acquiesce in a United States’ invasion and permanent occupation of Pakistan (and later of India). He says “even at the moment for example … Pakistan’s air-defenses have been electronically neutralized to allow the ingress of predator drones” and that “the USA has already electronically neutralized the Pakistani nuclear capabilities. The weapons are also dispersed in bits and pieces with no possibility of ever putting even one of these together. Doing so would invite a massive conventional or nuclear response from the USA. Only taking physical control and destruction of these weapons remains which should pose no major problems as the Pakistan armed forces are fully co-operative”. The electronic neutralisation of Pakistan’s air defences and nuclear weapons has almost certainly been done by microwaves from satellites as I said in the addendum dated February 26 ‘06 below can be done. India’s missiles and nuclear weapons can presumably be similarly disabled by microwaves from satellites but shielding them and other equipment from microwaves from satellites can easily be done with metal foil; communication links for missiles and other equipment may have to be redesigned so they work despite the shielding. DRDO should continue, taking control of the Indian government, toward nuclear supremacy over the United States described below."


(Reply from phanijaladi) AOA,

IS IDF [Indian Defence Forum] looking like a bunch of toddlers?